The Sights

Hailed by critics and fans alike, The Sights continue to build on an incredible legacy of uncanny blues-rock-power pop. Famed typhoon of rock and roll energy Eddie Baranek (guitar/vocals) is joined by Dave Lawson (bass/vocals), Gordon Smith (guitar, keyboards and vocals) and Skip Denomme (drums) to deliver incredible songwriting and electrifying live performances.

With 2010’s “Most of What Follows Is True,” The Sights have achieved an unprecedented level of song and studio craftsmanship. In an era of soulless keyboards, drum machines and Autotune, The Sights respond with thrillingly catchy songs. No gimmicks, no studio trickery – just rock and roll from the heart. The Sights combine the unobtrusive honesty of The Band with countless slivers of influence from their own personal record collections: Ike & Tina, Solomon Burke, The Everly Brothers, Bob Seger, Tim Hardin and all manner of raucous, infectious songwriting.

Raucous? Infectious? That pretty well sums up The Sight’s live shows as well. It’s a rocket-ride that has been experienced by countless audiences throughout North America and Europe. The Sights have shared the stage with some best in the business: Robert Plant, The Dirtbombs, Sloan, The Datsuns, The Donnas, The Bravery, The Kills, etc…

The Sight’s precocious ability to blend frenetic garage rock with 60’s pop and create something equally classic and catchy has garnered consistently rave reviews from both the both sides of the pond. NME wrote “(The Sights are) a revelation - a treasure trove of sparky and wildly immediate songwriting" while Rolling Stone commented “at last - a new Detroit-garage band that comes in colors."

It’s part of an impeccable track record that is rooted in an immaculate Detroit pedigree: a half-century of some of the world’s greatest music with immaculate contributions by The Sights. Starting in the summer of 1998, Baranek fronted evolving line-ups through 2000’s “Are You Green?,” 2002’s “Got What We Want” and 2005’s self-titled “The Sights” – all recorded at Jim Diamond’s (White Stripes, Electric Six, Dirtbombs) Ghetto Recorders in Detroit.

If you love the melting pot that is American rock and roll and if you love – really love – passionate songs that fire your imagination and move your ass, then you are going really love The Sights.


Keep an eye on the tour schedule.  The Sights are intent on meeting you and have the gas receipts to prove it.  Shows are being added constantly. 


Want some new Sights’ music?  How about “Silver/Gold,” a maxi-single (a 12-inch LP that spins at 45 RPM with grooves on one side only).  There are four songs on the A-side and the B-side is just smooth vinyl with a very cool screen-printed design on it.  Two songs ("Ba Bump" and "Silver/Gold") will only be available in this format.  

1. How Do You Sleep?

2. Ba Bump

3. Guilty

4. Silver/Gold

It’s a limited run -- get yours while they last.


Brian Smith of Detroit’s Metro Times gets Sights fans caught up and says nice things about Most of What Follows is True (“'s the Sights’ best, hands down”) in this great writeup.


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